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The recycling of ferro steel scrap is a booming business.

A wide variety of both domestic- as well as industrial waste metals are recuperated and transported to the scrap consuming Mills where it is melted for the reproduction of new steel.
Local transportation is often performed by trucks where overseas deliveries are organized by containers or bulk shipments.

The transactions between sellers and buyers are fixed in sales contracts where additionally payment terms can be guaranteed under a Letter of Credit from a bank, this is where quality- and quantity inspections get involved.

As we’re dealing with a waste product which is mostly heterogeneous, often containing a wide variety of “ingredients”, the quality inspection is performed on a visual basis where attending surveyors for multiple parties perform visual estimations on the cargo prior to or during the loading- or discharging operations.

Quantity inspections of trucks and containers are assessed basis weighbridge where the weight of bulk shipped materials are calculated basis draft survey of the carrying vessel were attending surveyors for multiple parties jointly perform the necessary assessment.

Bottom line, where multiple party surveyors are “cooperating”, an additional referee is appointed, often called independent- or surveyor of record. This is where Aspectra comes into play.
Specialized in being neutral, our call on quantity-, as well as quality is final and binding for all parties and, where needed, certificates are issued which are required in the Letter of Credit from the bank.


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